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Intruder Systems

Burglar Alarms Installation and Repairs

Protect Against Unwanted Intruders with a Professionally Installed, Professionally Graded Burglar Alarm System. Whether it is for your business premises or home, here at Thorpe Security Systems we can tailor your system to your individual requirements.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that your security system has been built to suit your needs. When you contact us we will arrange to visit your property at a mutually convenient time to conduct a full, free, no-obligation site survey. We will then make a recommendation based on your requirements. Your alarm system can have sensors added at any time following the initial installation with minimum disruption and mess.

Your alarm system will utilize the latest detection, encryption and communication technology to provide you with peace of mind. Your system will be professionally installed to ensure it works for the long term and will come with a full 12 month warranty.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

Thorpe Security Systems are proud to be a Visonic Platinum Installer and recommend the Visonic Powermaster GT64 wireless burglar alarm systems. Wireless burglar alarms are becoming more popular as people prefer to avoid the mess of cables. They offer the same level of security and utilise the same high-quality equipment as hard-wired systems.

Do not worry about remembering entry codes, with remote fobs, proximity tags and even the ablility to operaet and manage your system with the Vsonic-Go app. You will also receive notifications from your alarm system through the app if your system is triggered.

A fully scalable system, the GT64 can support up to 64 wireless devices including detectors and sirens and up to 48 users, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial premises.

It utilises the latest PG2 communication technology giving it excellent range, battery life of up to 5-8 years in sensors and and sirens, anti-jamming detection. It is a grade 2 professional installation system which conforms to EN 50131, PD 6662 and BS 8243:2010 standards.


The Powermaster system utilises the latest Visonic Power-G wireless technology with a unique combination of advanced features, reliability and performance.

Robust and reliable Power-G technology

Advanced radio technology provides high transmission range

Multi-channel frequencies enable high immunity to interference

Reduces cost by avoiding responses to false alarms

Up to 5 years battery life for system devices and peripherals

Utilises PSTN, GSM/GPRS and IP communication modules

Complies with EN 50131, PD 6662 and BS 8243:2010 VIsonicGO

VisonicGO connects to your Powermaster control panel through your existing broadband connnection.

It is the mobile app that gives you peace of mind about your home and business security wherever you are. You can see inside your home or business and make informed decisions about events and notifications, and implement key changes, all in real time, from anywhere, via your smartphone or tablet.


Arm - Disarm - Alarms and Events History - Alarms and Alerts - Push Notifications - Zone Status - Zone Bypass

Various types of sensors can be added to your system dependent on your requirements.


These sensors are the best sensors for ground floor doors and windows. They work by detecting the vibration of someone attempting to break through a door or window and/or someone successfully opening the door/window.


These sensors are great for upstairs, garages and outbuildings. They work by detecting the heat signatures of people moving around within the covered area. They are designed to ignore animals up to 38kg.

Dual tech motion sensors, for use in conservatories where PIR sensors are ineffective due to the higher temperatures that can be experienced in these areas. They work by detecting not only heat signatures but also physical movement.


Great for very tough composite type doors which are unlikely to be breached by a physical attack. These can also be colour co-ordinated with your door and window frames.

Smoke and heat detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors

Camera PIRs for visual alarm verification Flood detectors

And more...

At Thorpe Security Systems we recommend the use of the vibration and magnetic sensors on any downstairs doors and windows which could be targeted by intruders. These sensors are best as they can detect the intruder trying to break through the door or window BEFFORE they can get into the property.

An example of a system for a 2 story, semi-detached home with front door, back door and 3 downstairs windows is shown below. Of course, there are many different types of properties and your final system cost will depend on the layout of your property. This would be established on the completion of your free, no-obligation, site survey./p>

Visonic Powermaster GT64 Grade 2 Wireless Burglar Alarm example Package

1 x Powermaster GT64 Control Panel with broadband connection and app setup

1 x External Wireless Siren

2 x Remote Control Key Fobs

2 x Proximity tags

5 x Combined Vibration and Magnetic Door Contact for downstairs doors and windows

1 x Motion Sensors (pet friendly up to a weight of 38kg) for first floor landing

Professional Neat Installation including connection to mains supply and home broadband

12 Months Warranty

Full demonstration and explanation of how your system works

Full aftercare for all customers to answer any questions or queries about the system

More sensors can be added dependant on your requirements.



Faults can usually be diagnosed quickly and repaired in the first hour (parts not included) We aim to provide a fast intruder alarm call out service to all burglar systems no matter who the installer or whether you have a maintenance contract or not.

In all cases our engineers will attempt to re-instate your system to full working order, but where this is not possible your system will be safely shut down. All work is guaranteed and following your repair you will be provided with a written maintenance report detailing work undertaken and the receipt for any payment made.